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Toreks Elektrik was established in 2011 to provide professional solutions to technical, mechanical, periodic maintenance and installation needs. Toreks Elektrik changed its name to “Toreks Enerji ve Teknoloji San. Tic. A.Ş. due to accelerating the innovation on periodic maintenance and service in order to adapt on technological change in energy systems in line with increasing customer needs and satisfaction.
As Toreks Electric, we perform our projects with technical and experienced team in such as industrial plants, commercial and public buildings, shopping centers and airports, power plants, mining facilities, manufacturing facilities, and residential place projects In our country and abroad; industrial production facilities, commercial buildings (shopping centers, hotel, office, plaza, private education campuses), health facilities, public facilities, energy production facilities for the following services are provided 24/7.
Custom Solutions for Industries

Tailored Engineering Solutions

Renewable Energy Power Plants

In today's world, where population and industrialization are steadily increasing, the demand for ene

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Production Facilities

Electrical transformers are one of the most expensive and crucial components of an electrical system

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Power Plants

An electrical power plant generates electricity with alternators driven by engines using various nat

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Petrochemical Plants

The petrochemical industry is a branch of industry that produces organic raw, intermediate, and fina

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Healthcare and Public Facilities

Business continuity is the capacity of an organization to restore its products and services to a cri

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Commercial Buildings and Facilities

We aim to provide rapid test and maintenance services 24/7 in low and medium voltage for commercial

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